Sunday, December 13, 2009

So Yesterday

By Scott Westerfeld

Audio,Random House Audio Publishing NY 2004

Carter's job is cool. Yeah, ok he has a cool job but that's not what I mean... I mean that his job IS cool. He's a cool hunter. Carter, not fitting in when he moved to a new city spent so much time hunting down what would make him one of the cool kids that he became a little obsessive. He created a blog, just enough obsessive to land him a job finding out what's in and what's not for advertising. He meats Jen one day, a creator of cool, and they discover 'the shoe.' But not without cost, missing hair, lost of brain cells to bleach... two thousand dollars on a torn Jacket...

Personal Review:
So yesterday is a fun book for anyone remotely interested in fashion. It's an interesting write on the concept of cool and how teens go through what they do to be in the 'in.' I liked it, it was pretty entertaining and I learned a lot of little random facts about where neck ties came from and things.

Warnings: language

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