Saturday, December 5, 2009


Pete Hautman

Simon and Schuster Children's Publishing Division NY 2004

Bock, Jason Bock. If you can't prove God exists how can you prove anything? Why worship something you can't prove? Water, the essence of life. Why not worship water? Or rather its tower? As the Kahuna of the Chutengodianism religion Jason leads his friends on an adventure, doing things he'd never thought he'd do involving the ten legged God. Some of his friends get a little overzealous in their worship, one becoming serioiusly injured while hte other is completely convined a metal tower is communicating with him.

Personal Review:
I'm not sure what Hautman's purpose in writing this book was. I don't know if he actually believes as his character does, that God is a joke but either way I found his writing style refreshing and immensly entertaining. I loved how Jason would go off on these little tangents in his mind just like everyone does. It was so funny and went so quick. Hautman did great job creating characters with memorable quirks and characterisits. Shinn was an awesome character, I love how you never really know what's up with him in the end either.

Warnings: Atheism

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