Thursday, December 10, 2009

Mara's Stories
Glimmers in the Darkness

By Gary Schmidt

Henry Holt company LLC NY 2001

Mara is a woman in a concentration camp with a big heart. Every night, even on the bad nights, she takes a small child into her lap and tells stories of the Jewish people to the other prisoners. Mara's stories bring light to the people when they fell like they're drowning in darkness.

Personal Review:
Short as this little book is it says a lot. It's very touching, I not only felt for the people but also learned a lot about the Jewish people and their culture. Mara's the kind of person we all hope we would be were we put in the situation those people were. She told the stories of people they wall wished they could be in the situation they were actually in.

Warning: War, torture, killing, brutality.

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