Monday, December 7, 2009

Cherry Ames

Clinic Nurse

By Julie Tatham

Grosset and Dunlap INC.


Personal Review:
First I have to say "Oh me oh my." (Are you kidding me?) And, what a waste of time. No joke, that ANYONE read these books... for entertainment is a joke. And that's my humble opinion take it or leave it. Cruel that we pass these around class really. Cruel.

Cheery is a nurse who does the work of three nurses. She has a lovely little starched uniform and makes sure her patients get all of the TLC they need. (gag me.) For some reason when someone says "EMERGENCY" followed by "I'm a doctor" she jumps in a car only to discover she's being kidnapped. Nobody will believe poor little silly pretty headed Cherry! The best part is that she considers not going to the police because "the man was a doctor and doctors are amazing men that should be worshiped." I swear it said something like that... or at least implied it.

Warnings: extreme stupidity and brainwashing. I'm no feminist but here's where I draw the line. Sorry.

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