Sunday, December 13, 2009

Roald Dahl's....

Danny Champion of the World

Random House Publishing Inc. NY 1975

Danny is a little boy living with his father, a mechanic, in a Caravan somewhere in England. Being fairly poor and without a mother all Danny has in the world is his wonderful father whom he thinks the world of. Danny's father fixes him hot chocolate and walks him to and from school every day. When his father is injured while out poaching Danny is there to rescue his hero.

Personal Review:
Roald dahl has a special place in my heart. I grew up with his books and love them very much. Full of fun, imagination and as always some brilliant child his books are ones that i'll never forget. I still have trouble spelling some words because I read so much of his works at a time when linguistic skills are still developing! He has a lot of twisted little crazy short stories he wrote for the enjoyments of adults too. Check out his site:

Other Children's Books by Roald Dahl that I Love:
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
The Witches
Fantastic Mr. Fox
James and the Giant Peach

Warnings: None

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