Friday, December 4, 2009

The Looking Glass Wars:

Seeing Redd

Frank Beddor

Penguine Group Inc. NY


Seeing Redd, the second in The Looking Glass Wars now trilogy is the story of Redd's (her impuriel vicousness) tryrany on earth and her return to Wonder Land to defeat her niece Alyss, queen of Wondtropolis. Beddor once again presents a fantasy world highly entertaining.

Personal Review:
I had a hard time reading the first half of the book but once I got to the second there was enough going on that I really enjoyed it. The first book was so different than anythign i'd ever read that I was expecting the second to be just as different, it was similar to the first and the plot a little predictable but still a very entertaining read.

Squeal: Arch Enemy

WARNINGS: Drugs, murder

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