Tuesday, October 27, 2009




By Jay Asher

Penguin Group Publishing

Hudson Street NY 2007

Clay Jensen told his mother it was a school project.
It did have to do with school... it was a project... and it would
change his life forever. Lucky number nine, the one not like any of
the others and still he'd blame himself. For not seein
g, for not knowing,
for not turning back and putting a stop to that snowball rolling down into
the darkness.

Hannah Baker was new in town. She thought she
could make a new life for herself there. Decide what others
thought of her, be different than before. Then she saw her name
on a list. A list she felt gave others permission that started it all.

Personal Review:
This book was an interesting read... the set up was brilliant with Clay's insights and memory's of Hanna as he listened to her tapes. You read this book thinking "how in the world could any teenager be so torn up about something that small to kill themselves?" But then you remember when you were in high school and how small-er things had a large impact on you and well... its a good reminder to give teen's a break. They're still growing, they're still learning... I liked it.

WARNINGS: Sex, suicide, rape

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Lowis Lowry's

Gathering Blue

Random House Children's Books INC NY 2000

(This is my own beloved copy!)

Kira is a fatherless cripple raised by her mother in a hostile village who thinks she should have been killed for her disability. When Kira's mother dies she's all alone in a world that would have denied her of the life she's had. The council of gaurdians see's that she can weave beautiful tapestries and makes that her job in the community. On her search for blue Kira finds out things about her father that she never knew.

Personal Review:
I enjoyed the giver so this companion book also found a soft spot in the place of my heart I keep for good books! Kira's character is so sweet and you just want her to succeed. It's a great little companion book and I highly recommend her literature.

WARNINGS: None other than a society with creepy ideals.

After the First Death

Robert Cormeir

Dell Laurel-Leaf
Random House inc.
Broadway NY


"Miro's assigment was to Kill the Driver. Without hesitation. As soon
as the bus arrived at the bridge."

Cormeir creates a brilliantly twisted story about a terrorist group taking a bus of children on their way to a summer swimming spot hostage. Artkin and Miro- patriots of their own accord trained to kill take the bus hostage, drug the children and murder the driver. Ben- sacrificed for the greater cause by his own father, tortured by the terrorists for his faulty information.

Personal Review:

Robert Cormier is brilliant. This book is a total trip. It really makes you think about how your contry is viewed by other Nations and what is actually right in situations. I made my Mom read it too.

Robert Cormier

(Robert Edmund Cormier)
USA (1925 - 2000)


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Mortal Instruments
City of Glass
By Cassandra Clare

Margaret K McElderry Books NY

City of glass mixes a fantasy world with the hustle and bustle of New York City. The main character, 15 year old Clary (a petite red head) lives with her mother in a little NY apartment. She spends her time hanging out with her best friend Simon, (who is actually in love with her) clubbing and drawing. Something strange happens when she realizes there's something different about her... she see's people at a club that Simon can't. Unknowingly being the daughter of a shadow hunter and the worst villain in their world can make life pretty crazy!
Personal Review:
This was a fun book to read.. not so sure i'd bother reading the rest in the series. It just felt too much like it was trying to be every other book. Most if it was predictable and the way the author puts you in the 'other world' wasn't that believable. It didn't make me want to be a part of 'their' world. The flying motorcycles and then vampires and dad's that are trying to kill you and magic.. it all just seemed a little harry potter tryign to be Bella who's Dad is Darth Vadar. Meh, pass.
WARNINGS: Languge, violence

Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Taking of Room 114

By Mel Glenn

A division of Penguin Books USA Inc. New York, New York

"Mel Glenn is an award-winning poet and author of twelve books, including Jump Ball(Dutton 1997) and Split Image (HarperCollins 2000). Mel, born in Switzerland,,was raised in Brooklyn. After graduating college, he spent two years in the Peace Corps, (Sierra Leone), and then returned home to teach junior and senior high school in Brooklyn for 34 years. Mel retired in 2001 and now spends his time writing and appearing at schools, libraries and conferences. He and his wife, Elyse, also a retired teacher, have two sons, Jonathan a writer, and drew, a software engineer. Mel's website is http://www.melglenn.com/

Your average seniors of typical Tower high school held hostage by their history teacher. Mr. Wiedermyer, a man sick of all the same excuses, the same remarks, the same stupid questions finally snaps under the monotony of his day in day out life as a teacher. Glen wrote this brilliant little book in poem form, you get to meet each of the students and travel with them through high school up until that dreadful day in; room 114.

Personal Review:
This book wasn't my cup of tea. I'm not big into poetry and I found the set up of the book irritating instead of intriguing. It just felt like the author was skipping the interesting parts and .. i just did not like it.

WARNINGS: Weapons, violence, sex, drugs

Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Looking Glass Wars

By Frank Beddor

Dial Books
A member of Penguin Books Inc.
New York USA 2006

"Frank Beddor took the Lewis Carroll world of “Wonderland” and gave it a slight tweak here and bent it a just a tetch there and then, to use the language of the story, shuffled the deck with the deft of a Vegas card shark.

The world is familiar to even those of us only familiar with Disney’s version. But only just. And frankly this is just fine. No…better than “fine”.
-By Caleb Gerard

Alyss Heart; princess of Wonderland. A world born out of another s' imagination, gripping and exciting is the one that Alyss calls home. She grew up under her Queen Genevieve's rule where she lived in the palace and played tricks on the Walrus with her tremendous white imagination. On her seventh birthday calamity strikes Wonderland as her wicked aunt Redd overthrows the queen, possessing the crystal using black imagination. Seeing her mother and father murdered in front of her by her own aunt Alyss flees to earth with Hatter Madigan where she tries to forget her destiny as her people suffer from Redd's tyranny by every calamity known to the human race- substance abuse, thievery, murder, enslavement and countless other tragedies.

Personal Review:
OK, OK. So I'm a fantasy sucker, you caught me. I LOVED this book. I loved reading Lewis Carol's Alice books when I was a kid so this was like... just amazing. I don't know how else to put it but it sucked me into a world of adventure that I couldn't get enough of . The author is brilliant, the characters fantastic- This book has it all. Love, hate, revenge, fantasy, adventure... morphing playing cards... SO COOL!

WARNINGS: Murder, substance abuse, tyrannical leaders



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