Tuesday, November 10, 2009



1983 Greenwillow Books
HarperCollins publishing

"I looked at Madison and raised my eyebrows.
'That's the kind of smartass crap we won't tolerate Banks!' Lednecky snapped.
'What?' I said in genuine surprise.
He pointed at me threateningly. 'You know what I'm talking about!'
I looked at my knee's and made and effort to keep my smartass eyebrows still."

Louie Banks spent months preparing for his senior year of football with his best friend Carter. He's in the best shape he's ever been and knows he'll have a fantastic season...
unless he decideds to quit.

Louie Banks is dating the hottest girl in the entire school. He'd do anything for her, follow her to college even just so they could be together, it will all work out... unless
its just not meant to be.

Chris Crutcher writes books that connect young teenage boys to the world of liturature. He writes about real life things that teenagers go through and talk about. Some of his books are a little bit edgy because... so is some of growing up.

Personal Review:
I enjoyed reading this book. My little brothers play football so I struggled with realizing that any of them could be goingthrough the exact same things as Louie Banks in a story. I think these books are not only good for YA's but also for parents. To remember what it was like to be a teenager and realize that they do go through things and can make their own decisions.

WARNINGS FOR RUNNING LOOSE: Language, Racism, Sexual content

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