Tuesday, November 10, 2009

La Linea

By Ann Jarmillo

Roaring Brook Press 2006 Conn.

"The mata gente. 'The people killer.' An ordinary freight train. And the only way North without paying a peso."

Miguel has been waiting for as long as he can remember for his Father to have enough money to bring him across the boarder to live in California. When he finally secures the money and realizes his Father had the means all along had he swallowed his pride he's hurt. Despite his anger he chooses to cross La Linea... unless his little sister ruins it for him. Miguel learns to stick with his family and to love and trust those who are doing the best they can, just like his Parents.

Personal Review:

This book was an interesting quick read. I liked the Spanish in it, just enough to learn and feel like you were a part of their culture without being irritated that you were ignorant of the meaning. Miguel's character seemed a little selfish at times but I thought it was a realistic portrayal of a teenage boy and his younger sister.

WARNINGS: talk of rape, murder

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