Tuesday, October 27, 2009




By Jay Asher

Penguin Group Publishing

Hudson Street NY 2007

Clay Jensen told his mother it was a school project.
It did have to do with school... it was a project... and it would
change his life forever. Lucky number nine, the one not like any of
the others and still he'd blame himself. For not seein
g, for not knowing,
for not turning back and putting a stop to that snowball rolling down into
the darkness.

Hannah Baker was new in town. She thought she
could make a new life for herself there. Decide what others
thought of her, be different than before. Then she saw her name
on a list. A list she felt gave others permission that started it all.

Personal Review:
This book was an interesting read... the set up was brilliant with Clay's insights and memory's of Hanna as he listened to her tapes. You read this book thinking "how in the world could any teenager be so torn up about something that small to kill themselves?" But then you remember when you were in high school and how small-er things had a large impact on you and well... its a good reminder to give teen's a break. They're still growing, they're still learning... I liked it.

WARNINGS: Sex, suicide, rape

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