Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Lowis Lowry's

Gathering Blue

Random House Children's Books INC NY 2000

(This is my own beloved copy!)

Kira is a fatherless cripple raised by her mother in a hostile village who thinks she should have been killed for her disability. When Kira's mother dies she's all alone in a world that would have denied her of the life she's had. The council of gaurdians see's that she can weave beautiful tapestries and makes that her job in the community. On her search for blue Kira finds out things about her father that she never knew.

Personal Review:
I enjoyed the giver so this companion book also found a soft spot in the place of my heart I keep for good books! Kira's character is so sweet and you just want her to succeed. It's a great little companion book and I highly recommend her literature.

WARNINGS: None other than a society with creepy ideals.

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