Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Looking Glass Wars

By Frank Beddor

Dial Books
A member of Penguin Books Inc.
New York USA 2006

"Frank Beddor took the Lewis Carroll world of “Wonderland” and gave it a slight tweak here and bent it a just a tetch there and then, to use the language of the story, shuffled the deck with the deft of a Vegas card shark.

The world is familiar to even those of us only familiar with Disney’s version. But only just. And frankly this is just fine. No…better than “fine”.
-By Caleb Gerard

Alyss Heart; princess of Wonderland. A world born out of another s' imagination, gripping and exciting is the one that Alyss calls home. She grew up under her Queen Genevieve's rule where she lived in the palace and played tricks on the Walrus with her tremendous white imagination. On her seventh birthday calamity strikes Wonderland as her wicked aunt Redd overthrows the queen, possessing the crystal using black imagination. Seeing her mother and father murdered in front of her by her own aunt Alyss flees to earth with Hatter Madigan where she tries to forget her destiny as her people suffer from Redd's tyranny by every calamity known to the human race- substance abuse, thievery, murder, enslavement and countless other tragedies.

Personal Review:
OK, OK. So I'm a fantasy sucker, you caught me. I LOVED this book. I loved reading Lewis Carol's Alice books when I was a kid so this was like... just amazing. I don't know how else to put it but it sucked me into a world of adventure that I couldn't get enough of . The author is brilliant, the characters fantastic- This book has it all. Love, hate, revenge, fantasy, adventure... morphing playing cards... SO COOL!

WARNINGS: Murder, substance abuse, tyrannical leaders

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